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What people say about my treatments

"Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth last night! After our appointment I started experiencing contractions and then 12 hours later gave birth!" Nisha, 39 weeks pregnant, Walthamstow July 2022

"I came to Anna for support with my recovery from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) about a year ago. Anna was absolutely fantastic-caring, skilled and highly knowledgeable. Anna handled the issue with kindness and sensitivity and her sessions were hugely relaxing and enjoyable. Anna provided really insightful feedback to me after every session on how my body was doing. I'm delighted to have finally regained my period after four years without it. I'm certain that Anna's sessions, combined with the lifestyle changes I made, played an important role in the restoration of my menstrual cycle"JS, Walthamstow, May 2022

"I first came to Anna just after a miscarriage. She was so warm, kind and caring. Before touching my feet, she carefully listened to me and asked lots of gentle questions to get a good picture of what was going on. I’ve been seeing her for several months and she still remembers the answers to those questions. She takes time to check in with you at the beginning of each session, is always so reassuring and really makes you feel she genuinely cares about you and your journey. The treatment itself is always deeply relaxing. She is so focussed and tuned in to your body. I have found it fascinating learning about the different parts of my feet and what they relate to. It’s incredible what Anna can tell you and is a really useful way to check in with what is going on in my body and what I need. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and Anna has been a huge support throughout. There’s something so nurturing about the treatment—going to see Anna tends to be the best decision I make in any given week" Sarah, Walthamstow April 2022

"Today I must say I feel the best I’ve felt the whole pregnancy! Woke up absolutely full of beans, no headache and so much energy I chose to walk 45 mins to work instead of driving! Even by the end of a long day I somehow still have loads of energy?!?! It’s very odd!! If it is the reflexology I officially am in love with you and please can I come every day!" CL, Leytonstone, March 2022

"The feeling I get from having a reflexology treatment with Anna is the same feeling I get when I meditate" Astrid, Walthamstow, June 2021

"After receiving recommendations for Anna from other locals, I began seeing Anna primarily for pregnancy related symptoms (digestive, hormonal), but also as a way of investing in my overall health and well-being. I can honestly say that an appointment with Anna is an absolute joy. So beautifully relaxing! And her ability to pick up on imbalances in the body is truly awe inspiring. I always feel blissed out and relaxed after a treatment, but also with a better sense of my overall health and any areas for consideration. In terms of my pregnancy symptoms, these were alleviated and my mental state is always much improved after a session. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough" Alex, Highams Park, November 2020

"I would highly recommend Anna, she is professional and knowledgeable as well as providing great reflexology. I started seeing Anna for reflexology post miscarriage and she has treated me through preconception and now pregnancy. I find reflexology really helps me to stay calm and positive, has helped with aches and pains and to feel well while pregnant. I will keep seeing Anna over the next few months in preparation for birth and transition to becoming a mum" Helen, Walthamstow, August 2020

"I initially approached Anna as I saw she had a special interest in helping those with fertility issues.
Anna is warm and friendly, her treatment room is lovely and tranquil, she always made me feel 100% comfortable and I left feeling calm and relaxed. I am now pregnant and truly believe Anna has helped me with this, I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to give reflexology a try!" Emily, Buckhurst Hill, June 2020

"Anna is a brilliant reflexologist-every session is relaxing and I always leave feeling more in tune with what's happening in my body. Wonderful stuff!" Prudence, Walthamstow, December 2019

"I have been so lucky to find Anna. She is an exceptionally talented therapist, who has made a real difference in bringing calm to my life"
Jackie, Tottenham, August 2019

"I've been having reflexology with Anna since March to try to manage my stress and anxiety. Not only is the hour a very relaxing experience but I have found that having these treatments are helping me maintain good mental health. She is a lovely person who will make you feel comfortable the minute you meet her" Damian, Walthamstow, August 2019

"Anna is very skilful, explains what she’s doing and why and makes me feel confident in what she does. The sessions are making me feel more in tune with my body. Highly recommended!" Carolyn, Walthamstow, June 2019

"Anna is a great therapist and very passionate about reflexology. Her treatments are so relaxing, I just switch off from everything when I'm there!" Jeni, Leytonstone, May 2019

" I found Anna through 'Walthamstow Recommends' on Facebook and I’m so glad I did. What started as a one off has lead to me seeing Anna every two/three weeks where possible. I find Anna’s reflexology thoroughly relaxing. Anna is really warm and friendly. You can either go to hers or she can come to you for treatment, so it’s convenient too! I really recommend trying it!" Sabina, Walthamstow, April 2019

"I discovered reflexology back in 2011 when I was diagnosed with cancer. Despite some initial scepticism I was astonished at how incredibly relaxing it was- I have found it to be a brilliant way of just switching off and allowing my body to fully relax. I really enjoy seeing Anna as she has a lovely calm manner and I feel like I'm in very safe hands. She's brilliant at tailoring the reflexology sessions to tackle any specific issues such as sleep and anxiety and I always leave the sessions feeling utterly relaxed and calm" Lucy, Walthamstow, February 2019

"I contacted Anna initially for help with my migraines as I wasn't happy relying on paracetamols and was seeking a better way to alleviate the pain. I felt immediately relaxed and comfortable with Anna, and as well as the treatment she gave me some great advice around my diet to help prevent the migraines . I felt some immediate pain relief after each visit and I also found I slept better after a session" Hannah, Woodford Green, December 2018

"I was suffering from anxiety following a year of cancer treatment and to be honest was highly cynical that it would make a difference. But Anna's confident touch, and informative but non-patronising explanations converted me. I had a course of six treatments over six weeks and each one left me feeling relaxed and revived. I credit reflexology with reducing my anxiety and I continue to have both hand and feet reflexology sessions with Anna" Kate, Walthamstow, November 2018


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