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Relax, unwind, and destress. Improve your mental and physical health through reflexology

I am a qualified reflexologist (Level 3 Diploma) based in Walthamstow, Waltham Forest and a fully insured member of the Association of Reflexologists. I completed my training at the renowned London School of Reflexology under reflexologist Louise Keet, author of 'The Reflexology Bible'.
I have undertaken further studies in the areas of fertility, and helping couples conceive, including the practical application of Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) with reflexologist Hagar Basis, Director of the Reflexology Academy.

I provide hand and feet reflexology from my calming treatment room in the Wood Street area of Walthamstow, E17.

I also offer reflexology home treatments across Waltham Forest, Redbridge and the surrounding area including Wanstead, Chingford, Woodford, and Buckhurst Hill.

I specialise in helping clients reduce the many signs and symptoms of stress, and women's hormonal health including fertility and conception,pregnancy,and menopause.

The impact of stress on our bodies
Too much stress can affect our bodies in a number of different ways, including lowering our immunity levels, increasing muscle pain and tension,feeling depressed and overwhelmed, exacerbating digestive issues, and creating problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. It's important that we try to keep stress levels at a manageable level in order to reduce the likelyhood of experiencing long term mental and physical stress symptoms- around 75% of all illnesses are thought to be stress related.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 70 million days are lost from work each year in the UK due to anxiety and stress related conditions, making it the leading cause of sickness absence.

Reflexology can be very effective in reducing stress symptoms, either on its own or in partnership with any medical advice or medication you may be receiving.

My approach is to work with you holistically to identify realistic lifestyle changes that will support you to take care of your health and wellbeing alongside the reflexology treatments you have.I can provide reflexology for you from my calming treatment room in Wood St, Walthamstow and also in the comfort of your own home across Waltham Forest, Redbridge and West Essex.

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Reflexology can help with a wide range of health conditions including

*Anxiety and stress
*Digestive problems, including IBS and constipation
*Fertility and conception
*Headaches and migraines
*Menopause (hormonal imbalances)
*Pregnancy and pain relief in the early stages of labour
*Pain and inflammation (in joints, muscles or skeletal frame)
*Poor circulation
*Respiratory issues

What to expect during a treatment

Having a reflexology treatment is very relaxing. You can opt to have a treatment in my reclining reflexology chair, or on a sofa: whichever is most comfortable for you. I will use my hands, fingers and thumbs to massage and apply gentle pressure to the ankles and feet. This enables me to find specific areas - the reflexes- that are sensitive or out of balance. Applying gentle pressure to these reflexes enables the nerve endings (7,200 of them in the feet) to be cleared of calcium crystals or uric acid, to help the body and its glands and organs to function properly.

After the treatment I will discuss my findings with you and this will be an opportunity for you to feedback to me why you think a particular reflex could be out of balance. Depending on your reason for treatment, I may recommend a further treatment or a course of treatments.

Following your reflexology treatment you may feel more tired than usual so give yourself plenty of time to rest afterwards and drink lots of water to help get rid of any toxins that have been released during the treatment.

I provide hand and feet reflexology from my calming treatment room in Walthamstow, and offer home reflexology treatments across Waltham Forest, Redbridge, and West Essex.

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