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Fertility and Conception Reflexology

Fertility and Conception Reflexology. sperm

Trying for a baby can be extremely stressful, particularly if you feel that you have been doing everything you can to increase the chances of getting pregnant. You may have spent months regularly having sex during ovulation, eating healthily, not drinking alcohol. You may have visited your GP to have initial fertility hormone level blood tests and all the tests have come back with no cause for concern. Or, you have been referred to a fertility clinic following your blood tests and are exploring assisted conception options.

The GOOD news is that according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence(NICE):
80% of couples under 40 in the UK will conceive within 1 year if they are having sex regularly
90% of couples under 40 in the UK will conceive within 2 years if they are having sex regularly
In your early 40’s, the chance of conceiving if you are having sex regularly is still over 20%.

The impact of stress on fertility and conception

Infertility affects men and women equally - between 40-50% of infertility cases are due to male infertility. Many studies have identified that stress and anxiety can impact on both female and male fertility. If you are stressed or anxious, you may have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, which then makes you feel even more stressed.

In neuroscientist Matthew Walker’s book ‘Why We Sleep’, he highlights clinical research that identifies that:

  • Women who routinely sleeping less than 6 hours sleep a night will see a 20% drop in follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) being produced-this hormone peaks just before ovulation and is necessary for conception
  • Men who report sleeping too little have a 29% lower sperm count than those that have a full and restful nights sleep

When we are stressed and anxious, our endocrine (hormone) system stimulates the adrenal glands (‘fight or flight’ hormone) which in turn produces another hormone called cortisol which can then lead to the suppression of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) who’s job it is to stimulate the ovaries to release an egg.

Fertility and Conception Reflexology. riplovary

How fertility reflexology can help

My 3 month fertility reflexology programme takes a holistic approach to your fertility, looking at every aspect of your diet, exercise and lifestyle, as well as looking in depth at the best time in your cycle to have sex.

The reason I take this approach and work like this is because I know from my experience of providing fertility reflexology for many years that its likely to take longer to get pregnant if you have fertility reflexology treatments but are perhaps still working long hours in a stressful job, having trouble sleeping or have other lifestyle factors that may affect your fertility. There is so much conflicting information out there to sift through and unpick about fertility (some of it not particularly helpful or relevant) and it can feel overwhelming. I do that time consuming research job for you.

The focus for the reflexology treatments is targeted massage of reproductive, hormonal and central nervous system reflex points.

All treatments focus on calming your central nervous system in order to help reduce stress and anxiety and promote better sleep. The treatment will change and adapt each time in tune with the part of your monthly cycle you are in: stimulation of reproductive and hormonal reflexes in the follicular and ovulation phases, a reflex calming treatment in the luteal phase post ovulation to encourage your uterine lining to thicken and help your hormones to do what they need to do by reducing stress and anxiety.

Every aspect of the programme is designed to maximise your chances of conceiving and is underpinned with all the latest fertility research and evidence. I like to work with you for a minimum of 3 months to enable time to properly evaluate the impact of the treatments and the lifestyle changes you are making.


My fertility reflexology programme is for you if:

  • You have been trying for 6 months or more and are feeling despondent and starting to worry that you won't get pregnant
  • You have only started trying recently BUT are aleady feeling fed up and anxious about when you'll get pregnant, and also overwhelmed about all the information out there on how to boost your chances of conceiving and would like some specialist help and advice on what to do and what not to do     
  • You are thinking about IVF or other forms of assisted conception as the next step, but would like to spend the next 3-6 months trying to get pregnant naturally and want to focus on reducing stress levels and making lifestyle changes that could make the difference
  • You have booked in for IVF in 3 months time and would like to prepare your body for in advance, mentally and physically so that your IVF round has the best possible chance of success, OR you are about to start IVF and would like some intensive treatments 

At the end of the 3 month fertility reflexology programme you will:

  • Be clear, confident and empowered regarding the lifestyle changes you need to make to maximise your chances of conceiving
  • Feel less stressed and anxious and have less physical symptoms of stress and anxiety which will boost your chances of getting pregnant
  • Know which blood/fertility tests to take that will identify any additional support you may need to get pregnant: I will help you interpret those results and what they mean
  • Be able to carry out reflexology massage techniques on your own feet and hands in between treatments to help relax and destress you as well as stimulate your reproductive reflexes, in order help maximise your chances of conceiving
  • Feel supported and listened to without judgement in a safe space by someone who truly 'gets it'

This programme is for women but during the consultations and treatments I give advice, support and suggestions for both male and female infertility. I recommend that if you are trying to conceive through having sex then both of you have reflexology treatments, particularly if your male partner is experiencing stress, anxiety and/or poor sleep. Sperm count, mobility and morphology can be positively impacted by reduction in stress and changes in lifestyle. I can advise on a recommended treatment programme for male partners during the first consultation. 

I also offer a shorter, 1 month online fertility programme - Fertility Healthcheck and Reset- for women who may not have time for regular treatments, or feel that stress isn't a factor in not being able to conceive. The programme doesn't involve reflexology treatments but does involve all the advice and support you get with the 3 month programme - details follow the 3 month programme below.

3 month fertility treatment programme- to be adapted for each individual client based on needs, or if you are starting IVF or assisted conception

Month 1

First consultation – 2 hour consultation and treatment ideally at the start of your menstrual cycle

Consultation includes:

  • full medical history, to inform your treatment plan
  • fertility health questionnaire, to help identify additional lifestyle changes you can make to boost your chances of conceiving
  • specialist fertility reflexology treatment, to help stimulate the endocrine and reproductive reflexes and boost your chances of conceiving
  • advice on relevant blood/fertility tests which will identify any additional support you may need, and help interpreting the results and what they mean
  • demonstration of fertility reflexology massage points you can self massage on your feet and hands inbetween treatments
  • fertility boosting guide sent to you after the treatment, with more easy evidence led lifestyle changes you can make


Then two treatments prior to ovulation and one treatment after ovulation in your first monthly cycle -£60 per treatment

Months 2 and 3

Two treatments, one before and one after ovulation for two months.

Treatment programme to be reviewed after three months in consultation with you.


Fertility Healthcheck and Reset- 1 month programme

My Fertility Healthcheck and Reset is for you if:

  • You have been trying to get pregnant for 3 months or more and feel ready to explore and implement additional evidence based lifestyle changes to boost your chances of conceiving
  • You are unsure if you should have blood/fertility tests and if so, what the right ones are for you and your partner
  • You have the time and headspace to focus on your fertility for a month

At the end of the 1 month Fertility Healthcheck and Reset you will

  • Be clear, confident and empowered regarding the lifestyle changes you need to make to maximise your chances of conceiving
  • Know which blood/fertility tests to take that will identify any additional support you may need to get pregnant: I will help you interpret those results and what they mean
  • Be able to carry out reproductive reflexology massage techniques on your own feet and hands in order help maximise your chances of conceiving
  • Feel supported and listened to without judgement in a safe space by someone who truly 'gets it'

Whats involved in the Fertility Healthcheck and Reset

  • Medical history consultation form and Fertility Health Check Questionnaire sent out 1 week before a 1 hour Zoom consultation and returned to me 3 days before
  • 1 hour Zoom consultation that includes feedback on your medical history/Fertility Health Check questionnaire, identifying anything that could be affecting your chances of conception, and further actions to take, including any blood and fertility tests
  • Fertility Boosting Guide emailed after the consultation
  • Follow up 15 minute telephone consultation - for further advice and support which could include interpretation of blood/fertility test results and what they mean
  • Unlimited support and advice offered on text and email for those 'what about?' 'what if?' questions - for 1 month

Introductory offer cost: £140

To find out more about how my fertility programme can help you, book a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation via the 'make a booking' button via my website.


"I've been seeing Anna for almost a year now, and think I've become addicted! I first started when I was going through fertility challenges, and Anna's treatments were the only thing that made me feel relaxed.The IVF workedand Anna is now seeing me throughout my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough - she is so kind, warm and empathatic and knowledgeable about everything fertility"  Cecelia

"I originally visited Anna as I was struggling to get pregnant and was going through my first round of IVF. A friend bought me the first session as a gift and I was so impressed I have been going to Anna ever since. Firstly Anna herself is so incredibly approachable and kind, she puts you at ease immediately and creates a lovely atmosphere for sessions. She takes a keen interest in her clients and is clearly very knowledgeable. I always feel better after the sessions, both physically and emotionally. I am now pregnant and will continue to see Anna on a regular basis" Libby

"After 12 months of trying for our first child both my wife and I were option to alternative options for treatment- we wanted to boost our chances of conceiving naturally by making small but important lifestyle adjustments. My wife started reflexology treatments and I soon followed. I was looking to improve stress levels and have an hour in the week in which I would completely shut off and decompress. I had a warm welcome in her amazing garden studio and being able to openly share my experiences and get Anna's advice and expertise has been invaluable. The treatment is very relaxing and I always find the review of any highlighted sensitivities on the feet really interesting. Having no prior experience of reflexology and being somewhat sceptical initially, I would highly recommend other men on their own fertility journey to give reflexology a chance" Will, expecting his first child with his wife

"I first came to Anna just after a miscarriage. She was so warm, kind and caring. Before touching my feet, she carefully listened to me and asked lots of gentle questions to get a good picture of what was going on. I’ve been seeing her for several months and she still remembers the answers to those questions. She takes time to check in with you at the beginning of each session, is always so reassuring and really makes you feel she genuinely cares about you and your journey. The treatment itself is always deeply relaxing. She is so focussed and tuned in to your body. I have found it fascinating learning about the different parts of my feet and what they relate to. It’s incredible what Anna can tell you and is a really useful way to check in with what is going on in my body and what I need. I’m now 15 weeks pregnant and Anna has been a huge support throughout. There’s something so nurturing about the treatment—going to see Anna tends to be the best decision I make in any given week" Sarah

"I started going to see Anna monthly while I was trying to get pregnant, and continued when I was. The time with Anna was really (really) needed to help destress and relax. I always slept better after seeing her" Una

"I would highly recommend Anna, she is professional and knowledgeable as well as providing great reflexology. I started seeing Anna for reflexology post miscarriage and she has treated me through preconception and now pregnancy. I find reflexology helps me to stay calm and positive" Helen

"I initially approached Anna as I saw she had a special interest in helping those with fertility issues.
Anna is warm and friendly, her treatment room is lovely and tranquil, she always made me feel 100% comfortable and I left feeling calm and relaxed. I am now pregnant and truly believe Anna has helped me with this, I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to give reflexology a try!" Emily

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