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Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage. lymph

What is RLD?

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is an award winning therapy developed over 10 years ago by reflexologist Sally Kay, whilst working in cancer care. The therapy has been rigorously tested through numerous case studies and published RLD research and is now practised throughout the world. It is proven to significantly reducing swelling caused by primary and secondary lymphoedema.

In recent years RLD therapists, including me, have seen the positive impact of RLD on clients with other auto immune conditions. Auto immune conditions that could be improved by RLD include:
Graves Disease

I completed my RLD training with Sally in September 2021 and I am an approved RLD Practitioner.

How does it work?

The treatment works by stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet that causes an effect on the lymphatic system of the body. The gentle massage of specific reflex points on the feet that are linked to the lymphatic system encourages excess fluid into the lymphatic system which then drains into the subclavian vein and re-enters the blood circulation. The intended affect of the treatment is to reduce swelling in arms and legs caused by the blocked, damaged or absent lymph drainage channels.

It is a unique sequence which is substantially different to the treatment you would receive in a 'normal' reflexology treatment: therefore if you do have lymphoedema and would like to see a reduction in swelling of a limb then its important to choose RLD.

Is it safe?

The treatment has been approved by the NHS Ethics Board for application for people with both primary and secondary lymphoedema, and has benefitted thousands of people throughout the UK.

Who is it suitable for?

RLD is effective in reducing swelling in arms or legs for people living with both primary or secondary lymphoedema. According to Cancer Research UK, approximately 20% of breast cancer patients develop secondary lymphoedema of the arm following treatment for breast cancer. Currently in the UK, other treatment and management options for lymphoedema are exercise or compression garments or bandaging. Exercise may be challenging if mobility is affected by the lymphoedema, and compression garments worn over time may be uncomfortable and hot. RLD is a completely non invasive treatment and has the added benefit of helping reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve the quality of your sleep which may be affected by living with lymphoedema.

You may also wish to try RLD if you have another auto immune condition such as the ones listed below:
Graves Disease

Reflexology Lymph Drainage. RLD lauren

What can I expect during a treatment?

The first consultation and treatment is 90 minutes long, and subsequent consultation and treatments last 60 minutes. At the first consultation and treatment a full medical history will be taken and the reason for treatment and what you hope to achieve from having the treatments discussed. I will also explain how RLD works. The treatment itself will last for 50 minutes. It is recommended that the affected arm is measured, or photos taken before and after each treatment, so that you can see the difference the treatment has made.

RLD is incredibly relaxing and nurturing so don't be surprised if you feel sleepy during and after the treatment!

Below is a before and after first RDL treatment photo of client Laura, 38 weeks pregnant and living with Primary Lymphoedema for 12 years. In the picture on the right, the swelling has reduced on the top of the foot and around the ankle bone. to the extent that creases can now be seen around the ankle.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage. RLDrosamund

How many treatments do I need?

When you come for your first treatment I will explain more about how RLD works and what to expect. The recommended protocol for RLD treatments is to have a minimum of four treatments. Expect to see the biggest reduction in swelling between the 1st and 2nd treatments, and reduction in swelling will happen at a smaller rate after the 2nd, 3rd and 4th treatments. The need for any additional treatments (you may want to come for a 'top up' in a few months time) will be discussed at your 4th treatment.

Pictured is a before and after picture of the right hand of client Rosamund, who came to see me in February 2022 after developing secondary lymphoedema after treatment for breast cancer. The lymphoedema swelling was in her right hand and wrist, and she was unable to wear rings. After just one RLD treatment- the day after in fact- she reported that the swelling had gone down to such an extent that she was able to go back to wearing a ring on her third finger which she was delighted about - and 3 weeks later the lymphoedema swelling still hadn't returned which is when this picture was taken prior to her second treatment.


"I have been having Reflexology Lymph Drainage with Anna for lymphoedema in my feet and can honestly say the treatment is amazing. I was extremely distressed about my condition when I first met Anna: she took the time to explain the treatment, her kind and professional nature helped me feel calm and relaxed. I have weekly sessions at present and Anna has given me exercises to do between treatments. The swelling in my feet has massively reduced and I feel confident my condition can be managed. Thank you Anna for introducing me to this fantastic treatment and for being such a great support on this journey" Jo

"I can honestly say I had no joint pain for 4 days after I saw you. Then I went to an event and over did it and it came back. But really pleased to have some days being pain free!" Ali - living with arthritis in left knee, feet, fingers and wrists. Feedback after one RLD treatment.

Treatments and Price List

First 75 minute consultation, measurements and treatment £75
Treatment 2 (1 hour) £60
Treatment 3 (1 hour) £60
Treatment 4 (1 hour) £60


Further information and research

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