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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully relaxing head, scalp, face, arms and hand treatment to help relieve symptoms of physical and emotional stress, headaches, sinus congestion and promote hair growth.

History and Origins

In India, head massage, known as champissage, derived from 'champi' meaning massage in Hindi and Urdu, has been used for centuries within families and communities for bonding, care and relaxation.

Champissage refers to the practice of applying rhythmic pressure on the head to relieve tension.The treatment was brought to the UK in 1970's by Narendra Meht MBE. An osteopath and massage therapist, who was blind from birth, when he arrived in the UK Narendra was disappointed that massages in the UK didn't include the head, as it was such an integral part of life in communities in India and across Asia. He returned to India to research the physiological benefits of champissage, and opened the London Centre of Indian Champissage in north London, a centre for training and therapies.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage 

The purpose of Indian head massage is to release the stress that has built up in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head,scalp, face, neck and shoulders, using a variety of massage and rhythmic pressure techniques, and by doing so bring about a state of deep relaxation, both during and after the treatment.

Some of the conditions Indian Head Massage may assist with:

  • Stress, tension, and fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Tension headaches, migraines and eye strain
  • Sinus congestion
  • Joint mobility/flexibility in the neck and shoulders
  • Circulation to head and neck
  • Hair loss, hair thinning and alopecia

What happens during a treament

I offer Indian Head Massage both as a stand alone treatment and as part of a longer 2 hour treatment incorporating foot and hand refexology. The treatment is experienced on a comfortable reclining chair, providing access to the head, face, shoulders, arms and hands. You can choose to have the treatment with or without soothing lavender and rosemary scalp massage oil - you may prefer to have it without if you are going out straight after the treatment. If you do choose to have oil during the treatment, then it is safe leave in/wash out next time you wash your hair.

Who should have a treatment?

The treatment is suitable for adults at all stages of life and is safe for most people, including pregnant women after the first trimester.

Who shouldn't have a treatment?

Indian Head massage is a contra indication/should be avoided if you have the following conditions:

  • Epilepsy
  • A recent haemorrhage
  • Undiagnosed lumps, bumps or swelling in the head, face and arm area
  • Thrombosis

Advice/consent from your medical care team should be sought before booking an Indian Head Massage treatment if you are:

  • Having treatment for cancer
  • Have high or low blood pressure
  • Are receiving treatment for a severe circulatory condition/heart disease

If you have any questions about the treatment contact me via my email 

How often should I have a treatment?

Once every 4-6 weeks is perfect if you want to come for relaxation and to help reduce mild to moderate feelings of stress. If you are coming for support with hair loss or migraines, I recommend coming twice a month for two months and then review.

Treatments and price list

£50 for a 45 minute Indian Head Massage (including Head, Face and Arms)

£130 for a 2 hour Head, Hands and Feet Blissful Destress. The ultimate in relaxation, this two hour treatment is a magical combination of Indian Head Massage, Hand Reflexology and Foot Reflexology.



"As a headache sufferer, I visit Anna when my head feels like cracked porcelain and her head massage helps glue it back together. It's restorative and reviving!" Kate

"Loved my first Indian Head Massage from Anna. It felt wonderfully indulgent and left me feeling calm and relaxed" Lucy

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